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Location of Service Panel

In a house, the service panel is typically located in the garage or basement. Where neither a garage nor basement are present (such as apartments), look behind open doors and inside closets. A typical residential or small business service panel is a metal box that contains rows of switches that are usually flipped in the same direction.

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Signs You May Need to Upgrade or Replace Your Service Panel

If you live in a home built before 1990, your main electrical service panel might have less than a 200 amp breaker. Changes in technology and increased use of electronic devices have rendered old electrical panels inadequate; they were not designed to carry the electrical load our current lifestyle requires. Most old electrical service panels were designed to carry up to 100 amps. Rewiring your home to meet current electrical demands and safety codes will significantly increase the safety of the electrical system in your home by reducing the risk of overheating and fire. It will also reduce problem such as tripped circuit breakers and dimming of lights when appliances are turned on and off.

You should have your service panel inspected if you experience any of the following:

Another optimal time for upgrading your electrical service panel is when you complete a major home remodel. We highly recommend you consider adding electrical remodeling to your home remodel project. Having walls opened and sheet rock already removed makes it easier for an electrician to run wire and ultimately will reduce the cost as compared to completing the work later.

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Upgrading Your Service Panel

You should never attempt to replace an electrical service panel on your own! Aside from the fact that a permit must be obtained by a Master Electrician or Electrical Contractor and an inspection conducted by your local regulatory agency, there are serious ramifications of not doing the job properly.

Worst case scenario? Your house burns down due to faulty wiring or an electrical malfunction, possibly resulting in death or serious injury and your insurance company rightfully refuses to provide any coverage because the work was not performed by a qualified, licensed electrician according to NEC code.

Electrical contractors have the qualifications, training and licensure necessary to safely complete a service panel installation that meets current electrical safety codes. This is crucial to protect your property and, more importantly, human lives.

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National Electrical Code (NEC)

The National Electrical Code (NEC) is the standard for the safe installation of electrical wiring and equipment in the United States. The NEC, while having no legally binding regulation as written, is generally adopted by states and municipalities as the standards by which they enforce safe electrical practices within their jurisdiction.

Considered the benchmark for safe electrical installations, the NEC is published by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) every three years.

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Choosing an Electrician to Upgrade Your Service Panel

Ultimately you will have peace of mind in knowing that you hire a reputable electrician to complete electrical repairs or electrical installations. Choosing an electrician can be a daunting task. Start by asking your family, friends and neighbors if they can make a recommendation; however, DO NOT STOP THERE! It is critical that you take further steps to make sure the electrician is qualified and properly licensed.

For additional information on choosing a reputable, qualified electrician please read through the Q&A on our Licensing page.

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What to Expect During Service Panel Upgrade

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Fire Hazard: Federal Pacific Electrical Company (FPE) Service Panels and Zinsco Electrical Panels

If your main panel is made by Federal Pacific Electrical Company (FPE) panels or Zinsco Electrical Panel, these panels are fire hazards due to failure mechanisms, circuit breakers arcing and/or overheating, making the electrical contact unreliable and leading to equipment failure. Damaged circuit breakers are unlikely to perform properly in response to an overcurrent condition. The danger is real. If you have one of these panels in your home, you need to put the safety of your family first and have it replaced.

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Trust Nisat Electric

For expert electric service panel repairs, upgrades and rewiring for your home or business in McKinney, Texas you can trust the experience and service you receive from Nisat Electric. Whether you have potential fire hazard issues with your circuit breaker panel or you need additional electrical capacity, we are here to help! We will make sure your service panel repair/service panel upgrade and electrical wiring are current with the latest National Electrical Code.

Nisat Electric is proud to maintain three different categories of electrician licenses in the State of Texas: Electrical Contractor, Master Electrician and Journeyman Electrician. For additional information about our licenses, please visit our Licensure page. Also, take a few minutes to read Reviews from Nisat Electric customers.

Call Nisat Electric at (214) 536-5555!

Service Panel Guide | Nisat Electric | McKinney, TX

Service Panel Guide

An electrical service panel, also known as a breaker box or fuse box, houses the circuit breakers. Your utility provider is responsible for delivering electricity to your property’s meter base; the meter base connects electricity to your service panel which then distributes and manages electrical current throughout your home or business.

You should always know where the service panel is located, keep the area easily accessible with no less than 3’ of clearance around it, and know how to operate it in case of an emergency. All wires should be attached to the service panel with cable clamps and securely fastened. There should be no open holes in the service panel box housing or any unused breaker space holes. These areas should be covered with knockout plugs or circuit breaker blanks.